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Karnataka Steel Projects

South Sponge Iron plans expansion of unit in Koppathimmanahalli

Project Location : Koppathimmanahalli, Kolar district, Karnataka

South India Sponge Iron is planning to expand its sponge iron plant capacity. The project involves expanding the sponge iron unit located at Village Koppathimmanahalli in Kolar district of Karnataka from 30,000 MTPA to 55,000 MTPA. Ore Pre-heater Technology will be adopted in the Sponge Iron manufacturing process in which another elevated rotary kiln (75 TPD) will be installed in line with production kiln and placed between main kiln & After Burning Chamber (ABC) in the proposed expansion. The technology will basically use the waste heat of sponge iron by traditional method to improve the productivity by 50% and reduce coal consumption by 15%, which in turn will reduce the cost of production. Therefore, No. WHRB will be installed. The project is estimated to cost Rs.116.6 million

Rukmini Rama Steel Rollings plans steel plant in Varadapur

Project Location : Varadapur, Bellary district, Karnataka

Rukmini Rama Steel Rollings is planning to set up a Mini Integrated Steel Plant (0.3 MTPA) at Varadapur & Marabbihalu in Hagari Bomanahalli in Bellary district of Karnataka. The project setting up of 2,40,000 TPA Sinter Plant (2x28 m2), 2,00,000 TPA Mini Blast Furnace (2x125 m3), 3,00,000 TPA Pellet Plant (1x1000 TPD), 2,00,000 TPA Sponge Iron (DRI) Plant (2x300 TPD), 1,50,000 TPA Induction Furnace with CCM (2x25 MT), 2,50,000 TPA LD Converter or Electric Arc Furnace with CCM (2 Nos), 3,50,000 TPA Rolling mill (2x1050 TPD), 0.72 MTPA Coal Beneficiation (100 TPH) and 65 MW Power Generation (WHRB 16 MW, AFBC (210 TPH) 49 MW). The project is estimated to cost Rs.4960 million

JSW Steel plans expansion of Bellary unit

Project Location : Toranganallu,Bellary district, Karnataka

JSW Steel is planning to expand the steel plant (10.0 MTPA to 16.0 MTPA) along with Captive Power Plant (600 MW) at near Tornagallu in Bellary district of Karnataka. The project will have facilities like Blast furnace (BF-3( 3 MTPA) to BF-4(3 MTPA)), BOF 2 x 175 t, Slab & bloom casters (1 slab caster to 2 slab casters), Pig casting machine 1 x3600 t/d, By Product recovery type coke ovens (4 Coke oven Batteries), Sintering plant (SP-2 to SP- 3), Pelllet plant (1 of 5 MTPA), Lime Plant (4x 300 t/d to 4 x 600 t/d), Finishing Mills (7 MTPA to 10 MTPA), Hot Strip Mill (HSM-1 upgrade to HSM-2 of 5.0 Mtpa), Cold Rolling Mill (CRM-1 to CRM-2), Coal driers(100tph) (3 nos), Oxygen plant for BF (1 unit (O/S) to 2 units of 1800+900 t/d), Slag cement plant (1 unit (O/S) to 1 unit of 2.0 MTPA), Power plant & boilers (300MW+ 2 nos), Ore beneficiation (1+1 units to 1 unit of 5.0 MTPA), Township ( 2 nos) and Incinerator (250 kg/h 1 no). The project is estimated to cost Rs.1,50,000 Crores to Rs. 1,51,300 million. As of October 2009, the project has obtained statutory clearances

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